Why Towels?

Here at Club Towels we bring life to the humble towel!

All your members, fans, supporters or customers own towels, be they black, white or blue they are all nondescript.

Give them a Custom Towel and they will treasure it and you will be noticed in the Gym, by the Pool and on Holiday all over the world.

Team Spirit

You are proud of your members and they are proud of their team. What better way to bind them together than with a Custom Club Towel? Your swim team will stand out poolside and they make a great flag to wave from the balcony or stand. They will even provide a bit more warmth pitch side.

Once away from the club your team will be promoted where ever your towel goes. At the gym, by pool and on holiday world wide.

See above to witness how great your team will be with a custom towel!


What better way to promote your club, sporting event, charity fund raiser or business than with a branded custom towel. Large print area, free form design, be it your logo, marketing message or even a photo.


and finally remember “To survive out there, you gotta know where your towel is”

Quote that line and tell us where it comes from in your enquiry email and receive a 5% discount on your order! Well why not, you have to have a little fun in your life.